Wellbeing Starts at your Desk

Medical research shows the detrimental effects on our physical and emotional health when sat for prolonged periods of time.  Most of us know that we should be moving around more at work, standing at our desks where possible and not eating lunch in front of our computers.  These are huge habits to change and might not always feel possible.  What if you could offer your employees the tools and knowledge to know how best to look after themselves when sat at their desks even when tackling a huge workload?


‘Wellbeing starts at your desk’ offers just that.  With a greater understanding and awareness of simple body mechanics and our habits when sitting, a day of working in front of a computer can be transformed.  We work with your employees to make their desk space work for them ergonomically but we then take the training one step further by offering the tools to find comfort, balance and ease no matter where they’re sitting.  This can be life changing in a society where we are sitting for the majority of the time. 

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 This training will help to:

Reduce back, neck and shoulder pain

Enhance focus, productivity and energy

Lower stress and anxiety

Improve poise and posture

Release tension and fatigue

Relieve computer related R.S.I

Promote overall wellbeing at work

This thorough training begins with a group session followed by working with each employee at their desk.  This will be conducted by an Alexander Technique teacher who is also a Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors accredited DSE workstation assessor. 

This training, based on wellbeing and the transferable skills of the Alexander Technique, will include activities, discussions, individual attention at work stations, and effective tools for everyday use.