Performance Anxiety in the Workplace

Reducing stress and anxiety where it really matters

We all experience performance anxiety.  Over the years of working in both the business and performance sectors we have become increasingly aware of the presence of performance anxiety within the workplace and how debilitating it can be.  Through our own experiences and the many trainings we’ve created we are constantly developing skills that can transform your employees happiness and fulfillment within the workplace. 


Are you aware of how your body and mind reacts in situations where you feel uncomfortable, unconfident or unworthy?  These could be situations like management meetings, presentations, interviews, discussions with colleagues or putting yourself forward for a promotion.  It can be different from person to person but we will all find ourselves outside of our comfort zone at some point and most likely experience some of the below symptoms:

The training will help with:

Ability to cope with stress and anxiety

Confidence in difficult situations

Increased focus and attention

Reducing performance anxiety

Body awareness and breath control

Tools to change negative habits

Improved poise and posture

Overall wellbeing in all aspects of life

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This training, based on wellbeing, performing and the transferable skills of the Alexander Technique, will include activities, discussions, as well as individual attention, and effective tools for everyday use.

Once you become aware of the reaction you have to certain situations you can begin to take control of your wellbeing in that moment.  We will give your employees the knowledge to understand what performance anxiety is, how it’s holding them back and the skills to begin to reduce the symptoms before they take hold.  This training means your employees can begin to take responsibility for their health and happiness within the workplace and also in their everyday lives.  We have seen the negative effects of performance anxiety and how the tools we offer can be life changing.

Muscular tension

Shortness of breath

Negative thoughts

Increased heart rate

Sweaty palm

Feeling sick

Difficulty focusing