For Parents Returning to Work

Confidence, Balance and Support

We understand that when returning to work as a new parent it can be incredibly difficult to bridge the gap between work and family life.  Whether affected by sleepless nights, physical and emotional strain or high expectations, learning how to support yourself will allow you to be more engaged and fulfilled at work as well as being fully present when at home.


We provide your employees with the tools to cope with the physical and emotional stresses, both at work and at home.  Knowing that these employees have limited time the life skills we teach can be incorporated into their daily lives as soon as they leave the training.  We aren't asking them to add something new to their already busy schedules but simply giving them the skills to find ease, balance and confidence within those schedules.   


We realise the importance of wanting to succeed at work but not allowing that to take away from your home life and we want to help your employees be in control of this delicate balance.     

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This training will help with:

Building confidence

Reducing physical pain and fatigue

Balancing work commitments and family life

Time management strategies

Physical and emotional balance

Improving poise and posture

Creating a support network

Wellbeing and ease in everyday life

This training, based on wellbeing and the transferable skills of the Alexander Technique, will include activities, discussions, individual attention, and effective tools for everyday use.