The First 20 Seconds

Presentation and performance skills, not forgetting wellbeing!

We understand that you capture your audience within the first 20 seconds.  Your presence, how you use your voice and how you express yourself through body language are key to a successful presentation, whether in front of clients, management or colleagues.


Through this practical training participants will develop presentation and performance skills, receive vocal training and learn how to manage the audience/speaker relationship.  But what’s exciting about this unique training is much of the sessions are working on the first 20 seconds of a performance situation whether that be client presentations, chairing a meeting, running performance reviews or holding interviews.  We have developed tools and skills that can transform those crucial first few moments giving your employees the opportunity to make a real impact.


Another aspect we focus on is wellbeing.  With over 10 years experience working with performers it has become clear to us that wellbeing is a crucial part of giving an inspiring and influential presentation.  By understanding how we perform and how aspects like performance anxiety can hold us back this training will give your employees the tools to look after themselves whilst giving their best presentation.

The training will help to:

Build confidence, projection of sound and presence

Control and prevent performance anxiety

Connect with the audience and clients

Create a more dynamic and influential performance

Improve poise and posture

Learn wellbeing skills for all eventualities 

Develop personal life skills and enhance communication skills

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This training, based on performing and the transferable skills of the Alexander Technique, will include activities, discussions, as well as individual attention, and performance opportunities.